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How to set up email accounts and forwarders Print

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         Yes, you can set up any email address you would like. You have unlimited email accounts. Each email account does however use a portion of your server space. So, this does limit your email accounts to the space you have.
         To set up an email account, you must go to your server space control panel ( It will request your userid and password that we sent to you in your emails when you first signed up with us. You can view these email through your "Client Area" ( Once you have signed into your cpanel, you will see a heading that says "E-Mail". Under this heading you need to click on "Manage Accounts".  At the bottom of the page, you need to click on "Add Account". Here you will enter the email id, such as abc and a password. This will create an email account for
       Now, if you want 1 email account to send email to several accounts, then you will need to click on "Forwarders" instead of "Manage Accounts". A forwarder will send email to as many accounts as you wish. You will need to set up one forwarder for EVERY email account you wish for a copy to be sent to.
        For example if you want any email sent to to go not only to but to you would need to set up an email account for and Then you would set up 2 forwarders for, 1 going to and the other to The email will end up in the email account and the email account which can be set up as Outlook express accounts.  Nothing would be left in the account because it is just a forwarder, and not really an email account.

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